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      2008 - 2010
Enema Shooting
   Enema Shooting

In the first part Vanessa is in her bedroom waiting for Spicy. She arrives and both of them soon remember it is day of their favorite game. They start playing with enema, shooting it on their mouths and bodies. They lick, rub each other and swallow the enema in many positions, turning this game into a mix of pleasure and fun. In the second part, Karla goes to Iris's house and waits for her. When Iris arrives, Karla has a surprise that she saw on her sister's some videos. Iris gets curious and agrees to do it right away. The surprise is enema, they take their jars with colorful liquid and with a pump they put it in their assholes and shoot it on their mouths, faces and bodies. They delight and get excited as most as they can in this awesome movie!

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