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      2008 - 2010
Spanking - Spanking Brazil
   Spanking - Spanking Brazil

First SPANKING LOVE: Iohana and Vanessa went to the beach together and Vanessa kept on teasing Iohana and making her really horny. Vanessa was so excited that she couldn't control herself when she saw Iohana bend over on the couch. She slapped her butt and things got better and better as the slaps got stronger and stronger. In the second part, EXTENDED WARRANTY: Vanessa is a specialist on artificial suntan but there is a very unhappy customer, Karina, who is still very white and she is not happy about it. Vanessa, however, isn't having a good day so she'll give Karina a free suntan with many slaps. In the third part, BROKEN DEAL: Bruna is worried and suspicious because Alessandra went out and was taking too long to come back. After some time, Alessandra arrived as nothing had happened and Bruna got furious with her and decided to teach her a hard lesson. In the last story, TEENAGER QUOTE: Alessandra is sick of being spanked by her jealous girlfriend without any real reason so she stands up for hers lf and spanks her girlfriend until she regrets all she has done.

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