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      2008 - 2010
Spanking - They get's the Belt
   Spanking - They get's the Belt

Agata is punished by her friend Sayuri because the lewd blond talked gossip about the oriental girl s life an because this she will be punished on her white and soft butt with a leather belt just to learn a lesson. On the second Sayuri is tied in a wall of a dungeon and Agata will beat the oriental girl s white butt. Sayuri wants to prove that she can be a good slave, and to satisfy her dominatrix will of beating on a butt with a leather belt. On the last story Bianca and Michelle are sisters, Michelle is the newest and she is reading a newspaper when her sister Bianca starts to provoke and to irritate Michelle. She threatens to tell to their mother and Bianca doubts of that. Then Michelle deides beating with a belt on the soft Bianca s ass. And to finish Bianca is a beautiful dominatrix,but she s cold and cruel. She is lesbian and she hires a prostitute to accomplish a fantasy: she loves to beat a beautiful soft ass with a leather belt. Michelle is arrested in a wall and defenseless. Bianca beats without pity nor mercy even Michelle cries of pain.

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