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      2008 - 2010
MFX - Pissing Competition 2 - The Great Finale
   MFX - Pissing Competition 2 - The Great Finale

And the Piss Competition continues!!! After Piss Competition 1, MFX brings you the continuation of this never before made Contest: Rules - 18 girls participating. Each one of them must piss on each other, and they should swallow all the piss. Each competitor should drink at least the piss from 6 girls then she will pass to the second round. It s really amazing, because the girls must drink more piss than ever before so they can win!!! And in this PISS COMPETITION 2, you'll meet the greatest piss drinking champion of all times!! The champion will be determined by the girl who drinks the biggest quantity of piss!!! Can you guess who will be the winner!?!?! Fans, place your bets!!!

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